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 Dagmar Birke

„Life is a stage- and you are the players“

managing director Coaching Atelier München
certified  Lifecoach and international speakercoach (TED,Google..)




master music science, psychology, philosophy, 20 years member
of the international theatre world (as singer, director and author)
zertified systemic coach, 2005 founder coaching atelier münchen,
international  workshops and lecturer’s activity, publications




topics: identify obstacles and negogiate them,
mindfullness leadership, charismatic speakercoaching,
Lifecoaching live or on skype





normal people from all over Europe and US
Google, BMW Group, Robert-Bosch-Foundation, BurdaMedia, Munich Re, Culture Foundation Berliner Sparkassen, Blindeninstitut, LMU, Microsoft,
Dt. Bühnenverein, Pinakotheken culturinstitutes, theatres , orchestras